The aim of this project is to reveal the basic processes and phenomena underlying the formation of composite nanostructures, made of metal oxides and noble metals. Understanding these processes will allow us to obtain and design structures with desired characteristics. The subject of study will be: metal oxide composites (ZnO-Fe2O3, ZnO-TiO2, TiO2-Fe2O3); composites made of metal oxide (ZnO, Fe2O3, TiO2) and noble metals (Au, Ag, Pt and Pd); as well as noble metal composites (Au-Ag, Au-Pd, Ag-Pd, Au-Pt and Ag-Pt). Nanoparticles and nanostructures will be made of composite materials. Two approaches will be implemented in the fabrication of composite nanostructures: laser ablation at atmospheric pressure and laser ablation in liquid. The structure, morphology, and physical properties of the composite nanostructures, obtained at different ablation time modes picosecond (ps) and nanosecond (ns), will be compared. Along with the fundamental aspect of the study, the obtained results will also be the basis for the effective development of nanostructuring technologies as an alternative to the existing ones.